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  • An innovative crypto-gaming project
  • A quality artwork collection
  • A new NFT minting paradigm

Episode 0 : The Prophecy

There will come a day
When darkness finds a clearway
When the stars start to shiver
When the earth will quiver

That day no one will be safe
For the wars will erupt everywhere
That day, the prince, just like the waif
Will see the abyss of despair

9999 warriors, chosen long before
Will stand as one at hell's door
For different reasons and from different routes
Some for glory, some for family, and some just for loots

A war of unknown consequences, it is your destiny
Gather your strength, your wit and your pride
Your first labor is to outsmart your enemy,
Decypher their locks, open their gates wide

Enter their realm ..


This first project aims at kickstarting the creation of this world through an NFT collection of 9999 uniquely generated hand-drawn characters.

The proceeds from this collection will be later used to create a fast paced play-to-earn card game where NFT holders will have multiple perks.

Nobody likes gas wars, this is why we will be offering an innovative minting process, to be revealed soon.

Do you have more questions?
You can find answers and read our Lite Paper on our Medium blog

THE roadmap

Mint Your Token

Presale has ended. Public Sale will begin on the 12th of December.

the team



Colonel Bihi

Head of Development


Lead Artist (TBA)

Stack Over Flop

Head of Game Design


Concept Artist


Concept Artist


Marketing & SM Manager

Michael G

Blockchain Dev


Full Stack Dev


Community Manager

Vadym P.

Web Designer