9 Benefits of Holding 9Tales NFTs

April 2, 2022
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Putting the utility in writing

Each day, we get closer to 9Tales’ alpha and the much-awaited Phase 1 NFT release. So we decided to create a guide that covers the current and upcoming benefits of holding 9Tales NFTs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Potential to win a Primordial NFT, of which there are only 50 unique NFTs that provide the highest utility in the game.
  • Free entry to weekly tournaments with thousands of dollars in prize pool.
  • Tons of airdrops, including chests and tokens.
  • In-game earnings boost so you can make the most of your playing time.

So make sure you secure your Genesis NFT on OpenSea and get ready for Phase 1.

Genesis and Phase 1 NFT Hodler Benefits

  1. Genesis holders get automatic whitelist spots for the Phase 1 release.
  2. Holding a Genesis + Phase 1 NFT gives you access to our exclusive Primordial NFT raffle.
  3. Genesis holders gain priority access to weekly tournaments in the alpha version with prize pools of $10,000. Phase 1 holders will gain access a few weeks after the Genesis holders.
  4. Chest airdrops that will open once the 9Tales beta arrives. These chests will be airdropped to holders after the phase 1 mint. They will contain cards and valuable items. Drops for Genesis NFTs will contain 5x more rewards than Phase 1 holders.
  5. Airdrops of our NIT token through soft staking. We estimate that Genesis NFT holders will receive 2.5% of the available tokens while Phase 1 holders will receive between 4–5% vested for a period of time. At a conservative $20 million market cap, this amount will equal to about $1,000 per Genesis NFT and $220 per Phase 1 NFT worth of NIT tokens.
  6. In-game token and card drop earnings boost of roughly 10x for every Genesis NFT and 4x for every Phase 1 NFT you hold, which we will maintain forever.
Chest 2d design

But this airdrop may be worth much more if you consider the market cap of similar games.If our market cap gets to $100 million the value will be five times more.

Secondary Utility

A sneak peek to rest your eyes from reading about all this utility
  1. Access to a huge 9Tales tournament which we want to make as big as possible. We haven’t decided on the prize pool yet but we’re aiming for around $500,000. This tournament will be sponsored by other brands and projects.
  2. Priority access to card expansion packs for both Genesis and Phase 1 NFT holders.
  3. Access to the NIT token private sale with allocations reserved for Genesis and Phase 1 holders. However, Genesis holders can buy extra NIT at the private sale price.

And two more, even though we are not 11tale

  1. A mystery bonus for Genesis and Phase 1 holders who participate in the alpha version and give us feedback.
  2. As we continue collaborating with other projects and growing 9Tales, Genesis and Phase 1 holders will have access to higher quality whitelist spots.

We Aim to Make 9Tales the Leading Crypto TCG

As we write this post, the team is hard at work making getting these benefits ready for you.

  • Chest designs are almost ready, and we’re polishing the drop rates.
  • Weekly tournaments prizes will come from a percentage of the mint sale to give back to the community.
  • We’ve already scheduled NIT airdrops in our roadmap, and we have several audits planned to protect the game’s economy.

With that being said, the only benefit we are still not a 100% sure about is the 6-figures tournament. Our goal is to have the biggest prize pool possible so that we can generate tons of visibility. But we’re still working on the exact numbers with our partners and backers. We also plan to invite other NFT projects to the tournament to boost the prize pool and visibility.

Above all, we’re confident that we can provide these benefits — and many others in the future — for you, our 9Tales community.

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