November 1, 2021
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Disclaimer : This is an early version, some of the perks described here might not be available to some or all of the holders for legal considerations.

This short article presents what we aim to provide for our NFT holders. We consider our NFT holders as our prime and most important investors in the 9tales TCG game that we are building. That is why a lot of work and efforts have been put in order to ensure that they get as many benefits as an angel investor would get if we were a traditional gaming project.

  • The first perk will be a free NFT, we will not say much about this one except that these new NFTs will also give additional perks and can be hold or traded as you please.
  • Throughout the progress of the development we will submit ideas and design to a public vote for NFT holders. In other words, you will build this game with us.
  • Once the tokenomics are fully fixed. NFT holders will be the first to be able to buy our token through a private sale. This sale will be discounted compared to our public launch of the token. This would be like buying AXS or ILV at the lowest price possible.
  • During our first card packs sale, each NFT holder will have a number of free packs.
  • Closed Alpha and Beta testers will be chosen among our NFT holders.
  • In our game, only a certain type of cards will give you the possibility to win new cards while playing. If you use your NFT as your game avatar while playing you will have a much higher chance of dropping such cards. This will be explained further in our Lite paper.
  • There are only a finite number of packs sold for each expansion. For the first expansion these packs will be sold in a gradually increasing price. NFT holders will have the right to buy first and at the lowest price.
  • Finally, you get a dope art piece with bragging rights for years to come in the world of 9tales.
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