Compete to earn vs play&earn: A deep dive

August 5, 2022
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In this article we will explore the different economical systems of 9tales. We will see how they complement each others and which type of players might be interested by each one of them.

A chart reviewing the different earning paths in 9Tales

Play & Earn

The Play & Earn system represents our revenue sharing model for casual players. In the play & earn system you will be able to earn rewards in the form of: NIT (our native token), Cards, Cosmetics and more…

The first way to participate in the Play & Earn game modes is by using the energy and fortune of your cards. This is already explained in our article Anti Pay to win reward system that you can read here.

A quick summary is that each NFT card you own has an energy and fortune counter, the energy counter determines how many games you can play in a day with this card and win rewards. The fortune counter determines how much you get in rewards when you win a game. You can increase the fortune of energy of your cards by levelling them up, again more on that here.

Apart from that, there will be different rewards throughout the game. You will be able to earn cards and cosmetics by completing daily missions, and you will also be able to earn valuable NFTs by competing in weekly tournaments. Finally, there will be seasonal passes that give you access to even more rewards.

As part of the utility of our NFT collections, each NFT you hold will act as a general booster of all your play & earn earnings. You can read more about the boosting factor of the NFT collections here, and you can read about all the other benefits of the NFT collection here. Note that our NFT collection holders will also have access to exclusive items and cosmetics in the game.

As a conclusion, the play & earn ecosystem is a way to reward players by giving them some of 9Tales revenue back in different forms. These rewards depend on how much the player has invested into 9Tales, how good they are, and if they hold NFTs from our collections. It is important to note, that although players can expect to earn from these modes, these earning would only be substantial for people holding the NFT collection or maxing out the level of their cards, or both. For other players who maybe just want to enjoy the game, some earning can be expected but it will not be a large amount. This will also ensure that the game is sustainable, and that people can enjoy it without worrying too much about the financial gain if they decide to do so.

Rewards table:

These numbers suppose a distribution of 10 000 unique players with 10% vanguard holders, 1% Genesis holders and 0.1% Primordial holders. In this scenarios we suppose that the player have invested in buying cards, each deck of cards will contain five cards and cost two dollars. The NFT rewards are given on average, the rarity of the NFT will also play a role. If you hold a rare of legendary NFT, these rewards will be boosted even more.

As one can see from the table, the NFT collection holders will enjoy a massive boost in earning. In 9Tales, the play and earn rewards are meant to be a nice bonus on top of the fun you get by playing the game. We are a game first with a fair revenue sharing model.

The larger rewards system, with more valuable loot and financial incentives is kept for our compete to earn ecosystem.

Compete to earn

Compete to earn is a different ecosystem inside 9Tales. One can choose to never play in the Compete to earn game modes, or to play exclusively in those, it is all a matter of personal choice.

Compete to earn is a set of game modes that you can only play by spending special points, these points are called Divine Shards. The first of those game modes that we are implementing is the ColiseumThere will be more game modes coming in later down the road.

In the Compete to earn game modes your skills are tested to the extreme, if you win against your opponents you can earn valuable cards, a lot of NIT, exclusive cosmetics and more. Lose and you would only be getting a small consolation prize.

Every action you do in 9tales will gives you access to a set amount of Divine Shards. Buying cards, levelling up cards, buying passes, winning some tournament, completing some missions, holding 9Tales exclusive NFTs… You will then be able to spend your Divine Shards and play in game modes like the Coliseum.

Early design of Divine Shards

The compete to earn system is made with the purpose of providing a challenging environment which rewards good players and players who take risks. The potential earnings in game modes like the Coliseum have no limits, a good player can keep playing these game modes and earning from them.

This opens the door to a new era for e-sports. One, in which professional gamers, teams and guilds do not need to rely solely on sponsors in order to compete but they can compete directly throughout the different game modes. It also opens the door for skilled players around the world, who might not be in professional teams or guilds, to still earn a living playing the game that they love. The possibilities that the Compete to earn offer to players are truly amazing, and we are thrilled to share these new era with you.

Coliseum rewards:

For the coliseum, you will need 1000 Divine Shards to enter a game. You can for instance get those Divine Shards by buying ten card packs, each pack costs 2 dollars. When you do so, on top of the 5 cards that you get in your pack and that you can use in the game, you will earn 100 Divine Shards that will be credited to your account and that you can use to play a game of Coliseum. You can also get those shards through different means: As part of the rewards of a battle pass, or by buying cosmetics for instance.

In Coliseum you make your deck by following the rules from this article, you then play until you win seven games with this deck or until you lose three games. Here is the list of rewards depending on the number of wins that you get:

Coliseum reward tiers

1 CNS is either a card pack (with its Divine Shards rewards), two dollars in NIT, or 200 Divine shards. Moreover, at seven wins the legendary card that you get is a non duplicate and has a small chance of being level two or higher.

Notice that at four wins or more, you get enough rewards to play a new Coliseum game and something on top of that. At seven wins the rewards far surpass your initial investment.

Once we start having enough players, we intend on introducing different tiers of Coliseum and other compete to earn games where the Divine Shards entry fee is higher but the prizes are increased accordingly.


Can a free to play player enjoy 9tales and earn from it?

Yes! Free to play players will have access to free cards (which will not be NFTs), they will then be able to complete missions in order to get more non-NFT free cards, but they will also have the chance for the most skilled of them to earn some NFT cards and Divine Shards. Of course, getting to a point where you can earn a living through 9Tales as a free to play player will not be easy, but it will definitely be possible.

Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards come from a revenue sharing model, each time a player buys items in the 9Tales ecosystem, part of the money he spends is taken and used for the play & earn rewards and the compete to earn rewards. Players will have incentives to buy assets in 9Tales either to get a full collection of cards, to collect rare items and cosmetics, or to get Divine Shards in order to be able to compete in the different game modes.

You talked about a pass system for compete to earn, is that still on?

After reviewing our compete to earn paradigm we have decided to opt for the Divine Shards system. This allows us to rewards players for different actions they do in the game, and will make it easier for anyone to try out the compete to earn game modes whenever he wants to.


The current rewards structures in play&earn and compete to earn are the teams projections based on different scenarios and design choices. These numbers might change by the time of the full release of the game, they might also change (increase or decrease) during the open beta version of the game as we work on improving the sustainability of the economy.

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