Morphology of a card: Creatures

November 25, 2021
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An early mockup of a creature card

While we work on card design, we wanted to share with you where we are at and what we plan on doing next. In this short article we will dissect one of our cards, mainly a creature card. Creatures are the most common and most widespread type of cards. A creature can generally attack, defend, and may have one or more keywords and special abilities.

We will not give much details about the gameplay just yet. As we continue designing and play testing, this mockup will probably change. However, the main characteristic of a card will likely remain the same.

The card will appear in your hand like this:

Once you hover over it, the text box appears, with more information about the card, will appear next to the card.

Now let’s see what are the different characteristics of a creature card.

First of all the name, this card’s name is intrepid adventurer.

We show the rest of the characteristic by using pictures of parts from the image on top of this article.

This the budget that this card will cost you in your deck … More on that when we explain the rules of the game in later articles.

The card’s attack. This is how much damage it will deal in combat.

The card’s health. This is how much damage it can take before it dies.

This is a temporary placeholder. In the future we will probably use it to indicate the set of the card or the expansion it was released in.

Keywords indicate a special ability. A card can have multiple keywords.

This text is either a special ability, or a flavour text. This card only has flavour text.

The border: The color of the border indicates the race of the card. Here, grey is for humans. But again colors will probably change in the future.

In addition to these characteristics, a card also has one or multiple classes. For instance this card is a swordsman.

Our final goal with the design is for it to be intuitive and to show all the important characteristics of the card. For our future work, we plan to discuss this design with both card game designers and UI designers. We might then tweak and change some aspects based on their input.

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