Anti-Pay-to-Win reward system

5 months ago

A deep dive into how we plan on handling “play to earn” without hindering the player’s experience

Two of the major hurdles that every “play to earn” game encounters nowadays are:

  • The unsustainability of the play to earn paradigm
  • The pay to win that leads to the richer being better

We have already tackled the first problem in the previous article where we introduced the Coliseum.

Here, we will discuss the second problem by showing how our new system will provide: a fun, diverse, and competitive gameplay to everyone. Our game will give those who are willing to invest a chance to win more

Root spell

Here is a simple spell: Root. It is one of many spells that you can use in 9tales to outwit your opponent. Notice the small charges in the bottom of the card’s description.

Card level

These represent the card’s level. I see what you are thinking: Card levels? Another pay to win game where you have to level up your cards to make them stronger!

Actually, the level of a card has nothing to do with its strength. Whether a card is level 0 (Basically free to play), or 9 (the maximum level). The card’s strength, its text and all its in-game characteristics will remain the same.

The only thing that changes, is the reward!

Your deck has a total value called: fortune. The fortune of your deck is computed using the levels of all the cards in your deck. The total fortune of your deck is what determines how much play to earn reward you will get upon winning.

Moreover, each card has only a finite amount of energy. The energy of the card determines how many games it will add fortune to your deck in a 24h period.

In other words, you cannot spam the same cards all day long and expect to keep gaining rewards. You have to master different decks and cards if you want to get the most of your play to earn experience. This also ensures that the meta of the game will always stay diverse.

How to level up cards?

For the moment, you will level up your cards by combining multiple copies of the same card and paying a fee in NIT. The higher the level, the more cards you have to combine and the more NIT you have to pay. In return, your card will add more fortune to your deck, and have more energy.

In the future, we might introduce some special requirements to level up cards, such as winning a number of games or using special potions. But as a start, we are keeping it simple!

But there is more!

A level 9, foil card

A level 9, foil card

Once a card reaches level 9 it becomes a foil card. There is also a small chance of finding a level 9 foil card directly in a cards pack.

Foil cards are very special, as they do not only add a big amount of fortune to your deck, but they also have a chance of giving you a level 1 copy of themselves after you win a game.

In order to turn a card foil, you will not only have to pay a fee in NIT, but also in time. While a card is turning into its foil version, it becomes unusable for some days. The choice is up to you, will you take your shot and transform your card into a foil one or not?

To summarize

  • Cards levels have no influence on the gameplay
  • A high card level will have a significant level of fortune and energy
  • Fortune determines your reward in case you win
  • Energy determines the number of times a card will contribute to your fortune in a day
  • Foil cards give you a chance of dropping a level 1 copy of themselves
  • Cards level up by combining copies of themselves and paying a fee in NIT
  • Finally, the play to earn rewards in the ranked game modes will also depend on your ranking.
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