Rarity system explained

2 months ago

The generations

There are four different generations of NFTs:

  • Primordial: There are only around 50 primordial NFTs, these are the original 1/1 pieces that were used to generate all the rest of the collection. Moreover, these NFTs might also contain some exclusive assets that don’t appear anywhere else in the collection. The primordial NFTs are the rarest, and they give the most utility. Most of the primordial NFTs will be airdropped to holders in giveaways. Some of them will be held in a community fund, and finally a small number will be given to advisors and ambassadors.
  • Genesis: The genesis collection is comprised of 513 NFTs. These are the original NFTs first minted. These NFTs bring the most in-game utility after the primordial ones. This collection is already soldout, and you can find it on the secondary market here.
  • Phase 1: The phase 1 collection is our upcoming mint. The number of NFTs in this collection, their mint price and mint date have not been announced yet. However there will be more than 500 pieces. Naturally, the utility of these NFTs will come second to the Genesis collection.
  • Phase 2: The phase 2 collection will be released a bit later. Once we have advanced more in development of the game, and have the alpha version ready. This collection will have the lowest utility, but it will still play a very important role in our game.
A primordial NFT

The rarity system

This section concerns Primordial, Genesis and Phase 1 NFTs. The Phase 2 NFTs will have a different rarity system.

There are three types of rarity, common, rare, and legendary. An NFT is considered to be rare if at least one of its traits is rare. Similarly it will be considered legendary if at least one of its traits is legendary. If it has no legendary or rare traits, then it is considered common.

The gems on the frame of the NFT determine it’s rarity: Green for common, blue for rare, and purple for legendary.

A legendary NFT, it has the golden knight shield.

The list of legendary traits is as follow:

  • Armor: Golden knight, Dragon slayer
  • Pauldrons: Golden knight, Dragon slayer
  • Headgear: Golden knight, Dragon slayer
  • Shield: Golden knight
  • Weapon: Golden knight sword, Dragon slayer axe

The list of rare traits is:

  • Armor: Moon cultist, Djin lord, Beastman eagle, Sun warrior, King, Faceless
  • Pauldrons: Djin lord, Sun warrior, King,Faceless
  • Headgear: Moon cultist, Beastman eagle, Sun warrior, King, Faceless
  • Necklace: King
  • Weapon: Moon cultist incense, Djin lord hammer, Beastman eagle spear, Sun warrior sword, King scepter, Faceless pendant
  • Back: Throne, Moon magic

What about the races?

There are nine races in 9tales, and some races have subraces (beastman and elementals). Some races are rarer than others, humans are the least rare and angels are the rarest.

The different races will offer different utility in special upcoming events. This utility is not tied to the NFT rarity explained in the previous section.

Overall, we do not endorse any rarity tool or scanner for now. We will partner with a rarity tool in the future in order to offer a precise rarity ranking for our NFTs.

You can have an overview of the utility of our NFTs here, in the near future we will write more articles announcing airdrops and exciting events around the 9tales NFTs.

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